Fast blastbeats, heavy riffs and basslines, epic soli and a voice, sometimes clear and soft and then brutal and evil – that is DRYHTEN, the Metalinferno from Lübeck!

DRYHTEN perform versatile and modern Metal with poetic lyrics. The members got together in 2018 after each playing in different projects of all kinds of music. The experience shows up in songwriting and the energetic live performance. Through their on stage power DRYHTEN gains a growing fanbase and looks back on collaborations with many national and international artists.

In March 2020 the band released their first record. The self produced EP “Ascension” contains four tracks that represent the diversity of DRYHTEN and shows their ambitious goals for the band.

Michael Weiler
Fischergrube 2
23552 Lübeck

Tel: +49 163 1370128